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We have been pouring our artistry into every journey we create in Peru, Argentina and Chile since 1977

We have been pouring our artistry into every journey we create in Peru, Argentina and Chile since 1977

Travel designers since 1977

For over four decades we have been exploring Peru, gaining a deeper knowledge and creating personalized experiences for our travelers. An increased interest from our clients made it possible to start our own operations in Argentina and Chile in 2013. We consider ourselves to be an old start-up company as we are constantly changing, pivoting, rethinking and tinkering. Many of our journeys include an element of sustainable tourism, aiming to make a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy. Setours today is still a Peruvian-Austrian family-run travel designer and from 2017 have grown into a talented cosmopolitan team across 2 continents, driven by passion, attention to detail and a love for our destinations.

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Our specialists travel extensively to each of our destinations in search of the best accommodation, sites to visit as well as the best-kept secrets each destinations has to offer. We enjoy sharing updates with you and love seeing yours too. Use the hashtag #SetoursSA to share your experience with us.

Self-drive through Salta – a true off the beaten path experience

Many associate Argentina with the glaciers in Southern Patagonia or the mighty Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil, but the second-largest country in South America also boasts the high plateau known as the Argentine Northwest. ...

Tales from Patacancha

In an off-the-beaten-path weaving community in Patacancha, nothing has really changed over the past few hundred years – people in this community still farm their local produce, raise cattle and weave colorful garments. ...

Glamping in Misminay: A Pristine Corner in the Sacred Valley

We had a clear priority in our last inspection trip in Cusco and despite it being the begin of the rainy season (the end of November) we wanted to test the glamping experience in the secluded community of Misminay in the Sacred Valley. ...

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We know the meaning of going the ‘extra mile‘

We know the meaning of going the ‘extra mile‘


We are passionate about our travels and know how to travel in style. Follow us to get recommendations on where to stay, what to eat and how to live like a local.

As each and every country does what it can to protect their people, we can only try our best to help and protect those closest to us. Let us protect the ones that would look after us when our parents were at work, the people that were our best friends when we were 5 years old and the special humans in our lives that would always make sure that our bellies were full when we went over to visit (as well as a sneaky treat/chocolate every now at then of course ☺️). We are asking everyone to stay at home (if you can), not because of us, but in order to look after our older generation ❤️ It’s the least that we could do for them after everything that they have done for us!! . . . #stayathome #mequedoencasa #quédateencasa #weforthem #setourstips

As you travel through Peru and you cast your eyes towards the skyline, you may notice that many houses have a strange bullish shaped addition on top of their roofs. This is, in fact, a Peruvian symbol of protection and happiness for the families that reside there. You will find these symbolic bulls being sold in most markets around Peru, but, we do however think that something with this much meaning and this much symbolism should certainly be created by your own hand! Inside the city of Cusco, you will get to enjoy a 2-hour art class together with the artist Julio Gutierrez and hand paint your very own iconic Toritos/Caballitos de Pucará. Not only will you get to express yourself creatively, but you can use the information learned during your visit to create a personalized version of the Toritos/Caballitos de Pucará to take home with you. A great activity to do on your own, or as a family! • • • • #toritosdepucara #pucarabulls #toritospucara #andeansymbolism #arteperuano #peruhandmade #createyourown #perusymbol #symbolofprotection #artincusco #setourssa #igersperu #peruvinart #peruart #setourstips #artincusco #ideasforkids

The Secret Power of Music . . There are daily guided visits in English and Spanish starting every 15 minutes to explore this legendary theater (considered one of the most important opera houses in the world). The tour lasts 50 minutes and is a great complement of any sightseeing in Buenos Aires. Even better if you check in advance the events calendar at www.teatrocolon.org.ar. You won't regret! The visit to the library is free - a great alternative for photography . . . . #bestoperahouses #teatrocolon #musicinbuenosaires #colonbuenosaires #deepexplorations #artinbuenosaires #buenosairestips #setourstips #elcolon #musicaenargentina #tellingsecrets

As previously mentioned, we went on an inspection trip to Chile and took part in the tours from our new product offering in Santiago. This specific 3-hour journey combines history, traditional snacks and art together into one highly informative and powerful message. We began at the General Cemetery, which for us was a beautiful synergy between historic facts, eye-opening art installations and powerful real-life representations of the societal class separation in Chile. From here, we swapped out the subject matter for something a little more light-hearted as we headed into the lively neighborhood of Lastarria, a center for cultural activity, with cinemas, theaters, museums, restaurants and bars where we enjoyed one of the most delicious empanadas we have ever tasted! With our tummies full, it was time to make our way to the GAM or ‘The Centre Gabriela Mistral’, a cultural center that seeks to promote the performing arts and music and also features some fascinating local Chilean history. The last of the city strolls was reserved for the beautifully quaint and colorful ‘Barrio Italia, dotted with building with colorful facades and home to casual bohemian restaurants, pizza places, and gelaterias, established in the 19th-century by Italian migrants, a true hidden gem. We again took the opportunity to explore the boutique shops and art galleries for some memorabilia before making our way back to the hotel. • • • • #santiagodechile #santiago #cementeriogeneraldesantiago #santiagocemetery #lastarriasantiago #lastarria #barrioitalia #barriolastarria #centroculturalgabrielamistral #setourssa #setourstips

We went on a 4-hour exploration with the subway in Santiago as a part of our inspection of our new product offering in Chile. We traveled through 3 visually contrasting neighborhoods as we explored some picturesque streets dotted with neo-classical buildings, witnessed some awe-inspiring 18th-century landmarks and even took a trip to the crest of San Cristobal Hill aboard an old funicular where we enjoyed unparalleled views over the city below. Before we bid farewell to our guide, we made sure that we filled our bags with some local treasures at the arts and crafts market which has an abundance of handcrafted goodies for all. A highly recommended tour for those who enjoy a city tour with a bit of a difference. • • • • #santiago #santiagodechile #santiagounderground #santiagosubway #santiagocitytour #metropolitancathedral #santiagopalace #sancristobal #setourssa #setourstips

Desert, sun, salt & the Andes in one place! . . One of the most iconic places in San Pedro de Atacama is the Moon Valley. Though looking for a less known attraction with similar breathtaking views is that we ended up this time in Death Valley. Close to Moon Valley and only a few minute-drive from San Pedro we arrive before sunset. Despite the strong wind it was possible to see the 'Domeyko' and the Andes mountain ranges, the Cordillera de la Sal but also San Pedro de Atacama town from the distance. Don't forget to bring sunglasses and a hat to protect from the sun. For adventorous souls sandboarding might be the visit's highlight! . . . . . #visitchile #sanpedrodeatacama #valledelamuerte #deathvalley #desertadventure #desertanddunes #cordilleradelasal #atacamachile #setourstips

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