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We have been pouring our artistry into every journey we create in Peru, Argentina and Chile since 1977

We have been pouring our artistry into every journey we create in Peru, Argentina and Chile since 1977

Travel designers since 1977

For over four decades we have been exploring Peru, gaining a deeper knowledge and creating personalized experiences for our travelers. An increased interest from our clients made it possible to start our own operations in Argentina and Chile in 2013. We consider ourselves to be an old start-up company as we are constantly changing, pivoting, rethinking and tinkering. Many of our journeys include an element of sustainable tourism, aiming to make a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy. Setours today is still a Peruvian-Austrian family-run travel designer and from 2017 have grown into a talented cosmopolitan team across 2 continents, driven by passion, attention to detail and a love for our destinations.

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Our specialists travel extensively to each of our destinations in search of the best accommodation, sites to visit as well as the best-kept secrets each destinations has to offer. We enjoy sharing updates with you and love seeing yours too. Use the hashtag #SetoursSA to share your experience with us.

Self-drive through Salta – a true off the beaten path experience

Many associate Argentina with the glaciers in Southern Patagonia or the mighty Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil, but the second-largest country in South America also boasts the high plateau known as the Argentine Northwest. ...

Tales from Patacancha

In an off-the-beaten-path weaving community in Patacancha, nothing has really changed over the past few hundred years – people in this community still farm their local produce, raise cattle and weave colorful garments. ...

Glamping in Misminay: A Pristine Corner in the Sacred Valley

We had a clear priority in our last inspection trip in Cusco and despite it being the begin of the rainy season (the end of November) we wanted to test the glamping experience in the secluded community of Misminay in the Sacred Valley. ...

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We know the meaning of going the ‘extra mile‘

We know the meaning of going the ‘extra mile‘


We are passionate about our travels and know how to travel in style. Follow us to get recommendations on where to stay, what to eat and how to live like a local.

As of the 23rd January 2020, the Inca Trail will be closed until further notice. Due to heavy rainfall and unfavorable climate conditions, the Ministry of Culture have decided to close the trail earlier than anticipated. We are confident that it will re-open to the public as per normal on the 1st of March and will keep you updated as the date draws closer. • • • • #incatrail #setourssa #setourstips #peruannouncement #peru #trailtomachupicchu

While on an inspection tour through Chile, we decided to do things a little different and to explore a completely different side to Santiago with the Feminist Tour, so, we picked up one of our colleagues from our office in Santiago and headed off on this incredibly exciting and eye-opening tour through the history of gender equality in Chile. During the tour, we got to explore a number of incredible sites throughout the city such as the Archivo Nacional, San Francisco Church, Plaza de Armas and the Santiago Cathedral to name but a few. We also stopped over at a store that is owned by two women that sell Chilean only products, as well as a coffee shop & bar where we enjoyed a glass of wine and some snacks. We highly recommend taking this city tour when traveling through Santiago as it really is an incredibly informative journey and one that will stick with you for years to come!! • • • • • #chile #santiagochile #feminismtour #citytoursantiago #setourssa #ilovechile #therealchile #setourstips

When traveling to San Pedro de Atacama, it is obligatory to stop at the Chaxa Lagoon and take a few snaps of the up to 3 different flamingo species (if you're lucky). But, If you're short on time or you are unable to enter the Chaxa Lagoon then a great alternative would be to stop in the tiny village of Machuca which is along the way to/from the world-famous Tatio Geysers. Here, you will be able to see one species of flamingo (the Andino, with its distinct black tail feathers) as it wades through the wetlands in search of food. We recently returned from this very village and must recommend that regardless of which of the 2 lagoons you visit, be sure to bring along a decent zoom lens for your camera as the flamingos are quite far away from you and you are not able to go much closer so as to protect the creatures and their habitat from harm. Another ‘plus’ to visiting the marshlands of Machuca is that you can also see 2 rare species of ducks (again, you will need a really good zoom lens to capture pics of these). • • • • #machuca #chile #visitchile #flamingo #chaxalagoon #tatiogeysers #chilephotography #setourssa #setourstips

PERU leading culinary destination 2019 . . For 8th consecutive year PERU has won the award "Best Culinary Destination in the World" by the World Travel Awards that took place in Oman a few weeks ago. Asked by many clients and travelers where to eat, a tip to share. If you dare to sample guinea pig then you can do in style at "Astrid y Gaston" in Lima (ranked # 13 worldwide). From the moment you enter this Republican mansion you feel very welcome. No worries, the atmosphere is quite casual and you feel rather a laid-back vibe. Service is outstanding. After starter and main course you better skip dessert. As pictured you get a bread basket with different exotic sorts (including purple-corn bread) as soon as you arrive. Even if you are not into bread you'll probably end up trying each of them unless you can keep your curiosity under control :-). In the end your waiter will come with the 'magic box' containing a great variety of chocolate truffels and sweets to pick your favorites. . . . . . #astridygaston #astridygastonlima #worldleadingculinarydestination #peruforfoodies #foodiesinperu #limaforfoodies #wheretoeatinlima #guineapiginperu #tripsforfoodies #foodandart #setourstips

Tapati Rapa Nui . . The greatest festival on Easter Island starts soon. For about 2 weeks in February Rapa Nui (Easter Island) comes alive with series of music, dance and ancestral competitions between two clans. The most impressive the 'Taua Rapa Nui' (thriathlon). But even if you can't make it in February Easter Island is always worthwhile visiting. Plan at least 3 nights to explore its iconic highlights: Ahu Tongariki, Rano Raraku, Tahai, Anakena beach and Orongo! . . . . . #Tapatirapanui #easterisland #rapanui #isladepascua #isladepascuafebrero #easterislandfestivals #setourstips #colorfulfestivals #ancienttraditions #

42 years SETOURS . . In order to celebrate Setours’ 42nd anniversary, all of our colleagues from the office in Lima (as well as a special guest, Claudia, from the Setours office in Buenos Aires) we went on a fascinating journey to the coastal district of Callao in Lima. Here, we kicked off this joyous occasion as we boarded a boat and went on a tour to the Palomino Islands, home to home to a large population of sea lions and seabirds, where some of us took the opportunity to jump in and swim with these humble sea creatures (it is for this reason that we always recommend this journey for the summer months). After we dried off a little, we took some time out to enjoy one of our recently added products, the Tour Monumental, which took us to a part of Lima where we got to discover iconic streets and architectural treasures while strolling past over 60 original spray-painted murals created by some of the best urban artists from around the globe. Thank you to the entire Setours family for the amazing day and for the 42 years of incredible journeys, here is to many many many more. . . . . . #callao #palomino #palominoisland #tourmomumental #lima #42yearsofsetours #setourstips #monumentalcallao #islaspalomino

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