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We have been pouring our artistry into every journey we create in Peru, Argentina and Chile since 1977. Working together to overcome the worldwide Coronavirus crisis.

We have been pouring our artistry into every journey we create in Peru, Argentina and Chile since 1977. Working together to overcome the worldwide Coronavirus crisis.

Travel designers since 1977

For over four decades we have been exploring Peru, gaining a deeper knowledge and creating personalized experiences for our travelers. An increased interest from our clients made it possible to start our own operations in Argentina and Chile in 2013. We consider ourselves to be an old start-up company as we are constantly changing, pivoting, rethinking and tinkering. Many of our journeys include an element of sustainable tourism, aiming to make a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy. Setours today is still a Peruvian-Austrian family-run travel designer and from 2017 have grown into a talented cosmopolitan team across 2 continents, driven by passion, attention to detail and a love for our destinations.


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Our specialists travel extensively to each of our destinations in search of the best accommodation, sites to visit as well as the best-kept secrets each destinations has to offer. We enjoy sharing updates with you and love seeing yours too. Use the hashtag #SetoursSA to share your experience with us.

San Pedro de Atacama – a destination for slow travel

Discover a destination that is filled with beauty, mystery as well as one of the best stargazing skies known to man. We visited in January 2020 and this is what we saw and experienced ...

Tales from Patacancha

In an off-the-beaten-path weaving community in Patacancha, nothing has really changed over the past few hundred years – people in this community still farm their local produce, raise cattle and weave colorful garments. ...

The Road Less Traveled – ‘TRC’ In the Tambopata Reserve

We take an insider look back at our recent trip to the TRC, 'Tambopata Research Center'. We take a dive into the stunning scenery, incredible wildlife and peek into this comfortable oasis in the middle of Peru's dense jungle. ...

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The daily healing of nature brings with it the hope of a return to normality

The daily healing of nature brings with it the hope of a return to normality


We are passionate about our travels and know how to travel in style. Follow us to get recommendations on where to stay, what to eat and how to live like a local.

Designing our next adventure to Tolar Grande in the Argentine ‘Puna’ . . Tolar Grande is a small mining village (at 3500 masl) amid the red and ocher hills of northwestern Argentina. With its ocher-colored canyons, salt crusts, hot springs and turquoise lagoons, Tolar Grande is a treasure hidden in the middle of the Argentine northwest. To get there, conveniently plan an entire day of travel from Salta. It can only be reached in a four-wheel drive vehicle because the roads are in poor condition. . . Tolar Grande was once founded by Spanish conquerors when the surrounding mines were still in full operation. Today it hardly reach more than hundred inhabitants. There is only one accommodation, the 6-room Hoteria Casa Andina, managed by the local community. But if you like off-the-beaten-path and extraordinary landscapes, Tolar Grande is the right choice. You can go there on your own, but you should take some precautions: GPS, a good map and auto mechanics knowledge if you have a breakdown you won’t be able to find some aid within several kilometers. Avoid the rainy season (JAN-MAR) take pictures of the famous lagoon Ojo del Mar, the symbol of Tolar Grande, when the weather is fine. . . @hadrienhanse (except the last one that come from our archives) . . . . #tolargrande #puna #hiddentreasures #ojosdelmar #viajandoarg #travelfromhome #naturephotography #ouotdoorphotographer #punaargentina #photographylovers #travelphotographer #argentinaphotosafari #punaargentina #setourstips #norteargentino @ruterosargentinos @argentinaoffroad @argentina.salvaje @igers_argentina @visitargentina @photodrone.arg @argentina.travel @arg.photos

El hombre y el mar en armonia . Esta foto de Huanchaco Trujillo, refleja la armonia que puede existir entre el hombre y el mar. Los pescadores de esta pequeña localidad al norte del Perú todavía conservan el uso del caballito de totora (junco) en sus jornadas de pesca artesanal. Como las piezas del @museolarco muestran es una tradición que ya practicaban los Chimú (800 – 1300 DC) y antes los Mochica (1-800 DC). Protejamos nuestros mares y antiguas tradiciones, reduciendo el uso de plástico y un ceviche fresco en el BigBen disfrutando de la vista del mar) . . The man and the sea (a balanced relationship) . . This photo of Huachaco Trujillo reflects the harmony that can exist between man and the sea. The fishermen of this small town in northern Peru still use the ‘caballito de totora’ (reed boat) for artisanal fishing. As the pieces of the @museolarco show it is a tradition that the Chimú (800 - 1300 AD) and before the Mochica (1-800 AD) already practiced. We can protect our sea and ancient traditions by reducing the use of plastic and.... enjoy a nice fresh "ceviche" (made with raw fish at BigBen overlooking the sea) . . . #caballitosdetotora #huanchacotrujillo #museolarco @museolarco #oceanoslimpios #BreakFreeFromPlastic #plastics #plasticpollution #ocean #marinelife #seabird @oceana_peru #chimu #mochica #marperuano #conservemos #oceanopacifico #culturasustentable #regenarativetourism #juntospornaturaleza #conservamospornaturaleza #setourstips #soyecologico #AcuerdoDeEscazú #protectoceans #protectoceanlife #protectoceanbiodiversity #huanchacobeach #huanchacotrujillo #setourstips

The Mother of the Sea . . Este documental de Alfredo Pourailly fue seleccionado como finalista en la "Competencia Nacional del Festival de Cine de Medio ambiente y Vida Salvaje" @SantiagoWildFest. . . No se nos hubiera ocurrido pensar en los paralelos de Groenlandia y Cabo de Hornos (en Chile). El documental se inicia con el relato de un mito groenlandés que se vuelve tremendamente real ante las amenazas medioambientales que se viven al otro extremo del planeta. Es imposible que los testimonios de sus habitantes acompañados de las imágenes de sus mares y ecosistemas en peligro no lleguen a la conciencia del espectador. No se pierdan la versión completa. Disponible en la cuenta Youtube del organizador (@laderasur) . . https://bit.ly/2X30TfP . . This documentary by Alfredo Pourailly was selected as finalist in the first edition of the "Environment and Wildlife Film Festival" @SantiagoWildFest. . . Before the film we couldn't have imagined that Greenland and Cape Horn (in Chile) could have something in common. The documentary begins with the story of a myth in Greenland that becomes a metaphor if we see the environmental threats that are experienced at the other end of the planet. . . The testimonies of their inhabitants accompanied by the images of their seas and ecosystems in danger reach the spectator's awareness. . .  Watch the full version on the organizer's Youtube account (@laderasur) . . . . . #santiagowildfest #chilesustentable #cambioclimatico #oceanachile #yoamoviajarporchile #florayfaunachilena #culturasustentable #regenarativetourism #juntospornaturaleza #conservamospornaturaleza #setourstips #soyecologico #themotherofthesea #cinedelbueno #cinechileno #chiledenorteasur #chileadicto #inspiradosporlanaturaleza #wildlifechile  #laderasur @laderasur @inspiradosporlanaturaleza @jacksonwildorg @chilenaturecl @mostremoschile @paiscircular @ondamedia.cl @ecoturismogenuino @santiagowildfest @oceana_cl

Peru sings for Argentina . . This weekend Susana Baca one of the most popular Peruvian singers celebrated her 76th birthday. The video you see is a short version of the four that have been uploaded to honor her. It took place at the imposing CCK "Centro Culturual Kirchner" in Buenos Aires. A great timing to feature it and salute the colleagues in our team and the Argentina tourism industry. Feliz 25 de Mayo! . . Este fin de semana Susana Baca, una de las màs cantantes más populares y queridas del Perù cumplió 76 años. El video a continuación es solo un extracto de los 4 videos online para celebrar su onomástico. Una linda coincidencia porque Susana Baca toca en el imponente CCK "Centro Cultural Kirchner" de Buenos Aires. Un saludo caluroso para nuestras colegas del equipo en Buenos Aires y del rubro turístico argentino. Feliz 25 de Mayo! . . https://bit.ly/2yx5uO9 . . . . #susanabaca #afroperuvianmusic #centroculturalkirchner #visitaargentina #25demayo #felizdiaargentina #cck #latinosunidos #latinatolatina #musicaenbuenosaires #setourstips #iloveargentina #latinoamericaunida @ruterosargentinos @visitargentina @tripinargentina @susana_baca @argentinayelmundo @recorreargentina40 @turismonacionar @argentina.salvaje #arteperuano #culturaviva #conoce.ar

Últimos días para ver los finalistas de la competencia nacional del 1er Festival Cine de " Vida Salvaje y Medio Ambiente" . . Organizado por @LaderaSur con el apoyo de Smithsonian Channel y Jackson Wild). Los 7 documentales se encuentran en su canal Youtube (cuenta: laderasuroficial). Nuestros favoritos: Madre Océano y Humedales de Chiloe. . . . . #santiagowildfest #lugaresbonitosdechile #chilesustentable #cambioclimatico #yoamoviajarporchile #florayfaunachilena #culturasustentable #regenarativetourism #travelersforchile #setourstips #conservamospornaturaleza #cinedelbueno #cinechileno #chiledenorteasur #chileadicto #viajaporchile #inspiradospornaturaleza #wildlifechile  #laderasur @laderasur @smithstonian_channel @jacksonwildorg @chilebirds @chile_bloggers @chilenaturecl @mostremoschile @paiscircular @travindy_es @cresttravel @ecoturismogenuino @santiagowildfest

"Trees are like poems the earth writes upon the sky" . . The thick trunks and branches concentrated in the crown make the appearance of ‘Aracauria Tree’ a distinctive one. Without a doubt, is the most outstanding species of flora in the Araucania Region in Chile. The Nahuelbuta National Park, not far from the cities of Angol and Canete (both conveniently connected by road from Temuco and Concepcion) is home to extensive forests of Araucarias reaching up to 50 meters high. This ancient tree (some aging up 1200 years) is considered sacred by the Mapuche people and is endemic to Chile and Argentina. This species is still classified as vulnerable as its place of origin is threatened by frequent fires, volcanic eruptions and deforestation. . . @larayav . . . . #parquenacionalnahuelbuta #angol #chileanlandscapes #natureislife #weloveourplanet🌍 #chilephotography #chileanandeanmountains #getoutsideandexplore #picfair #chileanandes #instanature #instagramworthyshots #mostremoschile #transformationaltravel #setourstips #araucaria #araucariachile #araucariatree #araucariasmilenarias #ancienttrees

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