We travel to open our minds We're inspired by Mother Nature We're driven by environmental awareness We offer you a 'live the adventure' experience

What began back in 1977, starting out as a company which operated out of a small office in the historic center of Lima, founded by Heddy Vilchez and supported by a 3-person team, we began to charter planes for European travelers so that they may experience the beauty and magic that Peru has to offer.
Throughout the following years, our resilient, family-owned and run company had overcome some major challenges, of which many
Peruvian based companies were not able to recover from.

We, however, emerged from each situation stronger and more passion-driven than ever before.

As we continued to expand, in 2014, we welcomed APT (Australian
Pacific Touring) onboard as a shareholder and opened branch offices in both Buenos Aires as well as Santiago de Chile.

Take a look at our video and discover the story behind who we are and why we do what we do.

Having APT as a partner allowed us to offer multi-country journeys not only to their client base but also to our own longstanding clients, in turn, this lead to an even greater positive growth. In 2016 we moved to our new and modern headquarters in Miraflores.

Heddy’s daughter and son-in-law, Fanny and Peter, returned the same year to Austria from Peru to open up ‘Setours Austria’. Heddy’s son Lincoln took over as General Manager.

Heddy is still involved in the daily running of the company to this day transmitting her passion onto the younger generation.

The developments of the last years have given rise to the coming
together of like-minded people across three different continents, each working together to achieve one goal, to create the perfect journey for you.

“Skills are good, passion is priceless“

Heddy de Vilchez

Founder & CEO

“The challenge of a travel designer is that of a good, caring host anticipating the needs of her guests“

Fanny Vilchez

Product & Negotiations Manager

“Allow each day to be an opportunity“

Lincoln Vilchez

General Manager

"In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all”

Peter Holzweber

Commercial & IT Manager

Our Founders
Heddy promoting Peru back in the 90s
Our first fleet of vehicles in Cusco
Fanny's first ITB in Berlin
Our team in the 90s
Our old office in Miraflores
Fanny & Peter ITB Berlin 2000
Meeting clients in Germany
Our team in 2006
Team building back in 2006
Lincoln senior, Fanny & Peter 2006
The Vilchez, Holzweber & Michies
Our Founders

Over 4 Decades of Experience

Designing tailor-made journeys to South America for travelers from 4 continents

Handcrafted by Local Experts

We’ve been there, explored and experienced

Our trips offer a tried and tested way to combine the must-see sights of a region with some of its lesser-known highlights

Fully Owned Offices

In Vienna, Lima, Cusco, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile

Strong Financial Positioning

Cash reserves built up over decades of service

Co-owned by the family-run APT Travel Group (est. in 1927)

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