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Each country has their own requirements and definitions for ‘fully vaccinated’, take a look at the most up to date regulations for Peru, Argentina, and Chile regarding entry requirements.

  • 06:00, 07:00, 08:00 with a maximum number of 248 visitors per time slot.
  • 09:00, 10:00, 11:00 with a maximum number of 200 visitors per time slot.
  • 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 with a maximum of 300 visitors per time slot.

We usually recommend Route 1 (displayed below in RED) or Route 2 (displayed below in DARK BLUE) to our customers, as these allow the most extensive visit to the facility.

circuits or routes for visiting Machu Picchu

For the 4 day/3 night excursion, the tickets are sold out many months before the time. We advise that you contact your travel agent and secure these tickets way in advance so as to not be disappointed.

Yes, someone from our team will meet you at the airport, ready and waiting to transport you to your hotel for the evening.

Look out for the Setours signboard with your name on it.

The best time to travel to Peru is during the dry months May through October.

During the rainy season many tourist trails such as the Inca Trail and Salkantay Trek will be closed.

While the country can be visited year-round, the time of travel depends on what you are planning to see:

Patagonia is best and easier to navigate between December and March. The weather in Buenos Aires is also generally hot over these Summer months.

The Lake District comes alive during Spring – September to November – with blossoming flowers showing off their inner beauty as they bloom across the stunning landscapes.

If you’re looking to visit the wine valleys surrounding Mendoza, then a visit in Autumn will be your best bet. The copper-hued vines and leaves set against the backdrop of the Andes makes for a memorable stay and is incredible for photography fans.

Please contact your local embassy/consulate or travel agent regarding visa requirements before traveling.

Our prices do not include flights, both domestic and international. It is advised that these flights are booked by either yourself or your travel agent and only the flight details forwarded through to us.

Our travel designers might be able to help you out with securing flights based on a case by case basis, but this may include an extra administration fee.

Because of the long and thin nature of the country, the weather and topography change drastically as you travel from one side to the other, so the best time to travel to Chile depends on what region you are planning to visit.

October to March are the warmest and most accessible months for visitors heading to Patagonia.

December through February are the best summer months for a visit to Santiago, the central valleys and the Atacama Desert. These are also the most popular months, so be sure to plan well in advance.

June to August are quiet months, usually popular for those who like to ski.

For a general ‘best time to visit Chile’, we would say March/beginning of April is perhaps the best time to travel. The Patagonian winds will start calming down, the golden Autumn leaves will begin changing color and the national parks will begin getting a little quieter.

If you require a specific size or would like to find out what bed size is included in your accommodation, please contact your travel designer/travel agent.

Sure, you can speak directly to your travel designer and set up a meeting with them or visit our Contact Us page and call one of the offices closest to you. We are always happy to help.

Upon arrival you will receive a QR code which will allow you to view/download a summary of your vouchers.

SIC tours are shared group excursions and the acronym stands for Seat-in-Coach meaning that you will get a seat in a coach, van, or boat along with other travelers. These tours are conducted in English.

OT tours include ‘only transportation’ meaning that the journey will take place without a guide or assistance and with a Spanish-speaking driver only

Click on the country that you plan on traveling to below to download a printable PDF that includes our tips, recommended restaurants and other useful information for your upcoming journey:




While we predominantly focus on journeys through Peru, Argentina and Chile, we are also able to offer tours in most of the surrounding countries.

Making use of our long-standing relationships with our partners we are able to offer journeys to:


If you are looking for anything specific, contact your travel designer who is always happy to help.

Currently we do not offer fixed departure journeys. Our tours are handcrafted and tailor-made to your preferences which can include some experiences with other travelers.

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