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Behind each of our Wanderful Purpose experiences is a hero that makes everything possible

It is their vision, passion and drive for a better world that makes each heartfelt experience something special. Below you can find a collection of all of our heros, complete with a link to the experiences that they pour their 
passion into each day

Meet our Inspiring Heroes

La Paz | Bolivia

Diego & Juan

Diego & Juan

Discover the soul of Bolivia at Popular Cocina, a contemporary restaurant located in the heart of La Paz's historic downtown. Co-founded by Diego and Juan in October 2017, Popular Cocina offers a unique dining experience that blends traditional Bolivian flavors with a modern twist. Diego and Juan strive to democratize access to creative cuisine while preserving traditional elements. They achieve this by offering an affordable three-course lunch menu that showcases dishes crafted from the freshest local ingredients, presented as culinary works of art. From the first bite, you'll taste the passion and heritage behind each dish!
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Rio de Janeiro | Brazil



Simone is a creative and inspiring culinary expert from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With over a decade of experience teaching the first Brazilian cooking class in Rio, she is recognized for her ability to not only teach delicious Brazilian recipes, but also to explain Brazilian culture through the medium of food. Simone's classes are renowned for their fun and engaging atmosphere, which emphasizes group dynamics to foster new friendships among participants.
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Rio de Janeiro | Brazil



The charming Café ao Leu is a small but historic roasting house and coffee shop located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. The café boasts a range of coffees from various farmers in Brazil, with each coffee on the menu carefully selected and named after its producer. Leo, the passionate entrepreneur who owns and runs the café, is a true coffee connoisseur. He is deeply knowledgeable about the origins and growing conditions of each coffee on offer, and takes pride in sharing this information with his customers. As you sit and sip your coffee, you'll be surrounded by the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the café, with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee filling the air. You'll feel Leo's passion for coffee in every cup, and you'll leave with a newfound appreciation for the art of coffee roasting and brewing.
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Valparaiso | Chile



Felipe is a dynamic and passionate guide who embodies the spirit of Latin America. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, he never lost faith in the resurgence of tourism. In the absence of international travelers, he began offering complimentary tours of his beloved Valparaiso while also teaching tourism students. As a local guide, Felipe will unveil hidden gems and share valuable insights into the rich culture and history of his city. Join him on an unforgettable walking tour through the eyes of a true local.
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Puerto Natales



Kiera and her partner Matthew are two adventurous Australians turned gin connoisseurs who stumbled upon Puerto Natales during their visit as tourists in 2015. After completing the challenging W-trek, they couldn't find the perfect post-adventure beverage. Determined to fill this void, they were inspired to create Last Hope Distillery. Their handcrafted gins, including the Patagonia Dry Gin and Calafate Gin, capture the essence of the region's rugged landscapes. For every bottle sold, they proudly donate CLP$500 to the Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, supporting sustainability initiatives. Experience the taste of Patagonia at their on-site bar, where their exceptional gins are mixed into tantalizing cocktails. Last Hope Distillery is where adventure and great gin unite, with a commitment to giving back to the community.
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