Explora Easter Island

The Explora Easter Island lodge is the best hotel option on the island (compared to other options that also offer a-la-carte activities) and has one of the most privileged locations, perched atop a hill and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. All TV-free suites have enormous windows with broad views over the Pacific and allow you to relax and unwind, completely disconnecting from everyday life. The property, albeit slightly pricey is perfect for those looking to celebrate a special occasion and is paradise for active travelers as they provide guests with the choice of included excursions from a menu of over 30 items that allow you to discover the mysteries and charm of Easter Island, together with a specialist ‘Explora guide’ (who each specialize in their specific field of interest, from birds and ecology to anthropology or archaeology).

Our tips
  • Our recommended stay is a minimum of 4 nights, a duration which will allow you to explore the highlights of the island on the first days
  • The setting of Explora Easter Island makes it an ideal place to disconnect on an actual remote island (you are 3756km from Santiago and WiFi is only available in the lobby).
  • This is one of the few properties on the island with a spa and pool (if you plan to come with kids).
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Varua Twin Room
Beach Lunch
Beach Lunch
Lunch in Akivi
Traditional BBQ
Orongo Hike
Raa Suite
Rano Kao Hike
Rano Raraku Hike
Tongariki Hike
Varua Double Room

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