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Safety in South America

Pick pocketing and muggings are common in large cities, particularly around well-known tourist sites, bus stations and areas visited by foreigners. In the unlikely event that you are involved in a mugging, for your own safety, it is suggested that you do not resist and rather hand over what is asked of you.

The possibility of having a bad experience can be greatly reduced by taking a few common sense precautions:

  • Copy all important documents (passport, air tickets) and carry only copies with you.
  • Leave your valuables and important documents such as passport, international flight tickets, jewelry at the hotel. If possible, in the safe. In case there is only one safe in the reception obtain a receipt with each item listed.
  • If necessary, carry important documents and cash in a belt under your clothes.
  • Keep an eye and a hand on your things at all times. Be especially cautious in crowded places, especially in main cities; pay particular attention to your belongings in popular foreign cafes and restaurants where there has been an increase in bag theft.
  • Take authorized transportation.
  • Rural areas are considered to be safe.
  • Avoid marginal areas and be alert in empty streets during the day and night. Also, always take special care in busy streets, around markets and in and around bus terminals; either avoid carrying a bag in such areas, or secure it, as bag-slashers and pickpockets sometimes operate.
  • In case you get into trouble with authorities insist on seeing their identification.
  • Check your change and check the banknotes and coins. If necessary, ask for other change if you get any torn notes.

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