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What began in 1977 as a small office in Lima's historic center, founded by Heddy Vilchez and supported by a three-person team, has evolved into a resilient, family-owned and run company that curates purposeful experiences.
Why resilient? Well, being a company managed by the second generation we can say we have ‘survived’ many crises. 
Towards the end of 2022, at a time when we were looking forward to a bright 2023 after the COVID pandemic, the next crisis hit us. In December the month-long political conflict in Peru led to a failed coup of the president and his imprisonment as a consequence.

Many citizens - especially those from rural areas in the south - took to the streets to voice their frustrations and ask for the political powers to step down and make way for new elections. The protests and roadblocks continued for months and in some areas the conflict escalated. Many people were hurt and some even lost their lives. As a result, popular tourist destinations in the south were closed, including Machu Picchu.

We stand in solidarity with those calling for change but also see tourism as one of the most important industries fostering improvements and a better life for many people, also in the smallest communities. However, we have persevered through previous challenges, including years of terrorism and hyperinflation in Peru and more recently the inflation triggered by the conflict in the Ukraine. These are the experiences that have made us stronger.

As we often say in Peru, 'SI SE PUEDE' ('yes, we can'). It's a sentiment that reflects our determination and resilience - and no, we didn't copy this from President Obama, we were first ;).
One way we can contribute is by supporting and promoting the activities offered by local communities and micro-entrepreneurs. This is no easy task, especially given the long-lasting effects of the pandemic.

Our Wanderful Purpose (WP) Experience Collection

Remarkable times are an invitation to think differently. The growing climate emergency has fostered a stronger consciousness when it comes to exploring a destination. We created our 'Wanderful Purpose (WP) Experiences Collection to help us all get closer to our common goal of better travel.

Each experience is accompanied by the story of a local hero making a difference in the community and/or caring for our environment. Why the word 'wanderful'? because the goal is to spend less time in a car/plane and more time walking, hiking, cycling, etc.

Doing something active for your health, reducing your carbon footprint, empowering communities, AND having fun. The pandemic presented a global challenge. The tourism industry in South America was heavily affected as little to no financial aid from the authorities was provided. Many colleagues, guides, hotels, and restaurants have returned, which is a relief. However, there are many local small entrepreneurs acting sustainably with whom we used to actively collaborate before the pandemic hit.

These entrepreneurs are our 'heroes,' and they need our help and exposure to continue transforming the industry.

This is an appeal to travelers looking for meaningful moments - those that move your soul and bring humanity together while caring for Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the local community.

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We believe big change starts small...

...empowering through education

As a branch of the Sol y Luna Foundation, the school was established to provide the children of the nearby community with access to quality education, medical care, and support. In 2015, the school opened its doors to children with disabilities, and we took it upon ourselves to fully fund the education of Said Santos, a remarkable student who has been diagnosed with Edward’s syndrome - a rare condition that impedes the regular growth of organs and the body. We cover all the expenses related to Said's education, including food, psychological support, therapies, transportation, and any other necessities he may require.

...fostering awareness for a clean and sustainable environment

Peruvian organizations Hazla and LOOP promote reducing plastic consumption and organize beach cleanups, relying on volunteers. Our team and other companies join forces to clean up beaches and national reserves like Paracas, leaving them in better condition than we found them.

Our Mission

Nurture the human spirit and protect the environment through creative and inspiring travel experiences

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Support local and sustainable products

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Empower women

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Recycling waste

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Protect the environment by exploring actively

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