Cirqa Hotel – the assimilation of Arequipa’s historic beauty

Before we made our way through to the unbelievably huge Santa Catalina Convent complex (and I mean huge, as in 20,000 square meters huge) which housed approximately 450 nuns of the Dominican Second Order back in its heyday, we were invited to take a look at the brand new and recently opened Cirqa hotel in Arequipa’s historic center.

Subtly hidden behind an ornate wrought iron gate with a simple logo jutting out of the volcanic stone outer wall is where this modern piece of history can be found.

The welcome

Once the iron gates swung open and we peered our inquisitive heads inside, we were awe-struck as to how this seemingly mono-colored property with its naturally pitted volcanic sillar walls exuded such a welcoming breath of comfort, warmth and luxury (and this all took place even before we made it to the reception desk).

We left our (heavy) bags at the reception and began our journey through this piece of Arequipa’s history as we made our way through to the obligatory stop at the heated plunge pool and spa at the center of one of the hotel’s two courtyards.

Plunge pool at the Cirqa Hotel Arequipa

Next, we went along with the hotel manager to inspect the 3 categories of available rooms; Claustro, Aposento and Bóveda, of which there are 11 in total.

The room categories

The Claustro is the smallest of the 3 categories and by no means any less a room than the remaining 2 categories as it comes with the same amenities and coziness with the biggest difference being that it comes with a rainfall shower only and not a bath as well.

The Aposento offers the mid-sized category rooms amongst the offering and differs from the flagship Bóveda rooms by size and location (and yes, they all have bathtubs).

With the specifics and useful information out of the way, we went on the explore the beautifully laid out dining room and relaxing outside courtyard where the daily breakfasts are served, it is here that we saw the hotel guests relaxing and soaking up the energy-providing sunrays, and with a quick and friendly wave to them all, we were on our way up a mysterious stairway to the roof.

Room's door at the colonial boutique hotel Cirqa in Arequipa (built with volcanic white stone)

It is here that they have said that they would create an organic garden, where they would offer an authentic ‘picanteria’ experience, the garden was not yet complete when we visited (but we will, of course, visit again once it’s all up and running).

Its all about the views

Garden or no garden, the view from up there was unexpectedly spectacular with views of the towering Chachani Volcano in the distance.

View from Chachani Volcano from the rooftop of Cirqa Hotel Arequipa

A stay at Cirqa Hotel in Arequipa is available in 2 board bases:

Half Board
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch or dinner
  • Complimentary snacks and beverage hamper,
  • Afternoon tea
  • Welcome drink
  • Mobile 4G hotspot
Full Board
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Complimentary snacks and beverage hamper
  • Afternoon tea
  • Welcome drink and afternoon cocktail
  • Mobile 4G hotspot
  • Airport transfers
  • Exclusive airport VIP lounge access
  • Excursions, of which there are several short excursions, two half days or one full day in Arequipa and surroundings or a discovery transfer to Titilaka.

What To Do in Arequipa & Delicious Understatement

Once we said our goodbyes it was time for us to enjoy one of the most delicious treats available in Arequipa, a ‘Queso Helado‘ ice cream, which very quickly became our most favorite thing to eat whilst we journeyed through the ‘White City’ (a pity we couldn’t take it all home with us).

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